Rochester Medical Marijuana Card: What You Need to Know About Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card Online and Getting a Recommendation from a Medical Cannabis Doctor


Medical Marijuana Card in Rochester

Medical marijuana is changing the lives of many who are facing medical challenges in Rochester. Current MMJ laws allow patients with qualifying health conditions to access medical marijuana.

A vital part of the medical marijuana program of the state is making sure that there are licensed and certified cannabis doctors who can help these patients be qualified.

The first step to using medical marijuana is to have your condition qualified by the state as well as a medical cannabis recommendation from an mmj doctor.

Apply for a medical marijuana card from TeleLeaf New York. Applying for a medical cannabis card is easy with TeleLeaf New York.

We make it easier to apply for a cannabis card in Rochester so that you can have a better quality of life.

Rochester Medical Marijuana Laws

The law in legalizing medical marijuana in the Empire State was enforced in 2014 under New York’s Compassionate Care Act. This law permits the possession, use, manufacture, delivery, transport, and administration of medical marijuana by patients and designated caregivers. Licensed medical marijuana doctors trained to prescribe cannabis are allowed to do so when they agree that their patients could benefit from it.

On March 31, 2021, the State passed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act legalizing the purchase, possession, and transport of up to 3 ounces or 85 grams of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrate for adults 21 and older.

Currently, the Office of Cannabis Management oversees all related manners to marijuana, including the State’s existing Medical Marijuana Program. Under this law, the provisions are as follows:

Qualifying conditions:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • HIV infection or AIDS
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neuropathy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • PTSD
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Spinal cord injury with spasticity
  • Severe or chronic pain.
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain
  • Opioid use disorder

Opioid use disorder for which conventional therapeutic interventions are contraindicated or ineffective, or for which adjunctive therapy is indicated in combination with primary therapeutic interventions

Lawful possession – the amount of medical cannabis allowed to be possessed by a certified patient will increase from a thirty (30) day supply to a sixty (60) day supply as determined by the patient’s practitioner.

For other provisions under the MRTA, check the statement from the Office of Cannabis Management in New York.

Do I Need a Rochester Cannabis Card to Access Medical Marijuana?

Yes. If you want access to Rochester medical marijuana, you will need to register as a certified patient in New York.

Here’s how to get started

  • You need to be a resident of New York, or temporarily residing for the purpose of receiving care and treatment within the city or state.
  • Possess a certification issued by a medical marijuana doctor who is registered with the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program. A doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation will be sent to the Department of Health.
  • Have one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. See the list above.

Once you have registered successfully and your application has been approved, you will receive your Patient Registry ID card in approximately one to two weeks.

When you receive your registry ID card, you may visit a registered dispensary of your choice to purchase medical cannabis products.

How to Apply for an Online Medical Marijuana Card in Rochester

Follow these simple steps to get a medical cannabis card Rochester:

  1. Online Registration: Fill out the intake form on our online platform and click “start my visit”.
  2. Meet with One of Our Licensed Doctors Online: You will be assigned a phone call or video consultation with one of our licensed medical marijuana doctors.
  3. Access to Medical Marijuana: Medical marijuana patients need to register at .Click the “Health Applications” icon, and then click the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” link to register For step-by-step instructions on how to register as a patient or caregiver, select the “HELP” link within the Medical Marijuana Data Management System.Pursuant to the Compassionate Care Act there is an application fee; the Department is currently waiving a certain fee for all patients and their designated caregivers.

The Role of Medical Marijuana Doctors in Rochester

Under the enhancements of the medical marijuana program, “the types of the practitioner who can certify patients for the medical use of marijuana has been expanded to include anyone who is licensed, registered, or certified by New York State to prescribe controlled substances to humans within the State such as dentists, podiatrists, and midwives.”

Finding Your Rochester Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Rochester locals can get medical marijuana in the following dispensaries:

Columbia Care NY LLC
200 West Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY 14615

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
(Doing business as FP Wellness or Rise)
150 University Avenue, Building 5, First Floor Suite 7, Rochester, NY 14607

If you want to buy on other dispensaries, here’s the complete list of NY medical cannabis dispensaries.

Get in Touch with a Rochester Medical Marijuana Doctor

Doctors who can give medical marijuana certifications to qualified patients should be registered with the Department before they can begin certifying patients for medical cannabis.

At TeleLeaf, you are assured that you will get certified by a doctor who is licensed by the State. Our cannabis specialist doctors are fully experienced in recommending medical marijuana.

Where to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Rochester

We aim to make the process of getting a marijuana card as seamless as possible.

Let us help you move forward with your MMJ card application in Rochester. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will connect you with a registered and licensed medical marijuana doctor who will certify your use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Sign up on our website and contact us today!


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